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Hire Google Certified SEO Expert !

We All Know that SEO is How much Important for Our Business. Without Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) You Can't Grow in This Digital or Online World. Now Data Dalal is Google Certified SEO Specialist. In India Only Few are Google Certified SEO Expert. Now You can Hire SEO Expert for Your Company Website for Unbelievable Growth.

What We can do for Your Website SEO ?

First of All You should know about that SEO have 2 Different Types

  • On-Page SEO (On Page Search Engine Optimization)
  • Off-Page SEO (Off Page Search Engine Optimization)

We will Do your Website On-Page Optimization Completely with our Hand. And Guide You for off-page Optimization.

What is Covered in On-Page SEO

in On-Page SEO below Segments is Covered

  • Quality Content (Freshness, Engagement)
  • Keywords (Research, Usage, Include)
  • Website Coding (Is Your Website Easy for the Search Engine to Read?)
  • Use Structured Heading (H1, H2)
  • Use alt Description tags on images (<img>)
  • Use Unique and Relevant Title (<Title>)
  • Use Proper Description for Pages (<Meta tags>)
  • Page Copy, Meta Data, Heading Tags
  • InterLinking

What is Covered in Off-Page SEO ?

We Will Guide You For Below Off-Page SEO Segments

  • Acquiring BackLinks
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Guest Blogging

Our Fees or Cost for Your Website SEO

We will Charge 80,000 Rs for Your Website SEO.

Why Choose Data Dalal for Your Website SEO Project?

Because We Are Expert in SEO. We are not only telling you but Will Prove this. Data Dalal has 23 Google Certified Badge for Excellence of Work. Data Dalal Earn Below 23 Badge for His Excellence of Work or Expertise in that work

  • The Online Opportunities
  • Your First Step in Online Sucess
  • Build Your Web Presence
  • Connect Through Email
  • Get Started with Search
  • Get Discovered with Search
  • Make Search Work for You
  • Be Noticed with Search Ads
  • Improve Your Search Campaigns
  • Get Started with Analytics
  • Find Success with Analytics
  • Get Noticed Locally

  • Help People Nearby Fnd You Online
  • Get Noticed with Social Media
  • Deep Drive into Social Media
  • Discover the Possibilities of Mobile
  • Make Your Mobile Work for You
  • Advertise on other Website
  • Deep Drive into Display Advertising
  • Expand Internationally
  • Make the Most of Video
  • Build Your Online Shop
  • Sell More Online

Proof of Our Success

We are Not Telling you only that we are Expert in SEO. But Now we will Give you an Example of it. Check this Website

  • Dalal Stock ( (You can search whatever regarding Intraday Tips You will find this Website on First Page of Google SERP) (We create this Miracle in Only 1 Month of time)
  • Our Own Website ( (You can search whatever regarding Stock traders database You will Find this Website on First page of Google SERP) (SERP Means "Search Engine Result Page")

Proof of Google Certified Expert

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